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2018 Wedgewood Hills Swim Club
Banner Program


Wedgewood Hills Swim Club is excited to offer, for the very first time, an opportunity for businesses to take part in our annual fundraising campaign through the 2018 Banner Program.  This is a chance to “support Wedgewood Pool” and display your business name and logo to our local community.  This offer will allow your business name to be seen by the hundreds of guests that pass through our pool gates each summer.  In addition to your business promotion opportunity, the proceeds from the banner program will go toward improvements to the pool and grounds.

Banner Program Cost

We are offering a choice of a 5’x2’ or a 3’x2’ vinyl banner with your business logo and advertising details. The banners will be placed in optimal viewing locations along the pool fence from opening day (or your order date) through Labor Day. At the end of the season, your banner will be stored and you will be contacted annually about renewing your sponsorship.

The initial cost for a 5’x2’ banner is $299. The initial cost for a 3’x2’ banner is $175. Your business will have the option to renew its sponsorship for the 2017 season at $199 for the 5’x 2’ banner and $100 for the $3’x2’ banner. If you choose not to renew your sponsorship, the banner can be purchased from the swim club for the price of production.

The banners are estimated to have a lifespan of 10 years but the Club will determine acceptable banner conditions as they age. The Wedgewood Hills Swim Club staff will take every precaution to ensure your banner lasts its proper lifetime.

In addition to the banner, your business website will be linked to the Wedgewood Hills Swim Club’s website. The cost of the entire advertising package (banner and website link) are the amounts listed above.

We will accept banner sponsors at anytime during the swim season. For more information, please contact Wedgewood Hills representatives, Jill Roeting, at (717) 315-0538.

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